About WORDS 


WORDS is a biannual conference devoted entirely to combinatorics on words.

Previous WORDS conferences took place in:

  • Rouen, September 22–26, 1997
  • Rouen, September 20–25, 1999
  • Palermo, September 17–21, 2001
  • Turku, September 10–13, 2003
  • Montreal, September 13–17, 2005
  • Marseille, September 17–21, 2007
   The Conference Scope 

WORDS is a field of research that has grown within several branches of mathematics and that frequently appears in problems of theoretical computer science. Indeed, words are central objects in automata theory, and in fact in any standard model of computing. In recent years novel applications of concepts in this area have emerged from algorithmics, biology, linguistics, mathematics. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the algebraic aspects of the combinatorics on words and their applications. Special attention will be paid to the relations with automata theory.






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