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WORDS 2009 is hosted by the Faculty of Science of the University of Salerno. Salerno hosted the oldest university in Europe, the Schola Medica Salernitana, the most important source of medical knowledge in Europe in the early Middle Ages. In 1988, the University of Salerno, which now has over 43,000 students, moved to the village of Fisciano in the Irno Valley, a few miles from Salerno. Its structure is that of a university campus and its modern buildings offer many efficient services for teaching, research and student life in general.

   Lecture room 

The lecture room is P1 Room (Aula P1, Faculty of Science), see this picture and this map. This room is equipped with a Windows PC and two projectors. The two computer projectors display the same slide for the left and right screen, for the two rows of the lecture hall. There are also a paper flipchart and an overhead projector (for trasparencies), that can be used simultaneously with the computer projectors. We were planning to have all presenters use the room's computer for their presentations. Alternatively, your personal laptop can be connected to the projectors. The expected style is powerpoint or beamer.

   How to reach the meeting room 

  • A free bus service for WORDS 2009 participants will be provided during the meeting days connecting Salerno and the University of Salerno. The buses leave one time a day from Salerno (in due time for the beginning of the activities) and one time a day from Fisciano (at the end of the activities). The bus stops in Salerno are in Piazza della Concordia and at the Grand Hotel Salerno. The Bus Company is Buonotourist and WORDS 2009 should be written with big letters on a poster on the bus. Reservations are needed to use this service (please see the Registration form).

    The bus timetable and more precise information are available here.

  • As an alternative, you can reach the University (and the Meeting room) by using the CSTP bus service. The easiest way to reach the University is to take line numbers 7, 17 or 27. There are several stops in Salerno, the Railway Station [named "Stazione FS" in italian] is one of them. A new bus starts every 15-20 minutes from 6:40 am to 7:00 pm. (see here for bus timetables). The journey from Salerno to Fisciano takes approximatively 20 minutes.

    It is not possible to buy tickets on board. You can buy tickets (UNICO SALERNO, 1.10) at the CSTP kiosk in Piazza Vittorio Veneto (on the right side of the Railway station) or at several shops (e.g., newspaper shops). Please, remember to stamp the ticket when you are in the bus.

    If you take the bus, please take care to go in the right direction (i.e., toward the University). The direction of the trip is displayed on the large sign above the windshield on the bus. The bus stops on request only: raise your hand to signal the driver you want to board. The names of the stops are not indicated inside the bus: so ask to the driver for getting off the bus at the right stop (here you can see a picture of a panel indicating the CSTP bus stop). If you come from Salerno, there are only two stops for the University Campus: the first is the closest from the Meeting room (P1 Room). P1 Room is at the end of the street on the left side of this stop (see this picture).

    The bus stop for going back to Salerno is on the front of the stop for coming to the Campus (see this picture).

  •   Lunches 

    Registered participants will be provided with 4 daily lunches. Lunches will be held at the Catering Service of the University (see this map). More precise information concerning that will be communicated in due time on this page.

    Here you can find a list of restaurants, pizzerias and pubs in Salerno and here near the University.

      Touristic information 

  • Salerno is an enjoyable town of about 150.000, with its sea view, historical centre and night "movida". Salerno is located at the geographical center of a triangle nicknamed Tourist Triangle of the 3 P (namely a triangle with the corners in Pompei, Paestum and Positano). This central position, nestled in the curve of the bay of the same name, makes the city a focal point for leisure tourism and seaside holidays. For a brief overview on history, art, culture in Salerno, click here.

  • The beautiful Amalfi coast is nearby, with its overhanging cliffs and rocks, cut by a winding road making its way above the sea for about 40 kilometres, from Vietri through Cetara, Maiori, Minori, Amalfi, up to Positano and Punta Campanella, where the Bay of Salerno meets the Bay of Naples facing the island of Capri (see here and here).

  • You can appreciate the archaeological sites of Pompei and Ercolano, in the province of Naples, 30 km north from Salerno, on the slopes of Vesuvio. They where buried in the eruption of the Vesuvio, on 79 AD. The ruins can be now easily reached. The sections of the ancient city open to the public are extensive and tourists may spend many days exploring the whole site. By decree of 1997, Pompei was included among the sites that are considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

  • 30 Km south from Salerno remain the Temples of Paestum. The three Doric temples are said to be the best preserved Greek temples. More informations are available here.

    For further touristic information on Salerno and its surrounding area, some useful links are:

  • Tourism in Campania (also guides for various itineraries)
  • EPT Salerno
  • Tourism in the Province of Salerno
  • Tourism in the City of Salerno.





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